Gabrijel Peršin

Gabrijel Peršin

Project management, Software Engineer, Data Scientist

Facebook LinkedIn Skype name: persho83

During Gabrijel's electrical engineering studies (2002-2009), he has been active in web development of static HTML/CSS websites, but soon became interested in developing with CMS Plone and Python. Starting with Plone 2.5 and a 2-week PloneMyWeb workshop in Skopje, FYROM, Gabrijel focused all his efforts to introduce Plone to several existing and new Slovenian clients, therefore contributing to the efforts of other Slovenian Plone developers to bring Plone closer to Slovenian market. Gabrijel's main occupation within Termitnjak is company management, project management, human resources, communication, etc.

After finishing his Master degree from Electrical Engineering in 2009, Gabrijel was accepted into a governmentally funded Young Researcher PhD programme at the Faculty of Mechanical engineering, UL. He began his PhD studies in the field of condition monitoring (CM), condition based maintenance (CBM), technical diagnostics, fault detection, vibration and oil analysis, under supervision of prof. dr. Jožef Vižintin (UL) and prof. dr. Đani Juričić (IJS).

In 2012 he began working as a Research Fellow at Cranfield University (UK), where he continues to research vibration analysis techniques for diagnosis of wind turbine blades, and industrial gearboxes. The central topic of research is vibration analysis using methods of higher order spectra (HOS). He has been actively involved into a 24 month EU financed project Monitur with an objective to provide an automated diagnostic and prognostic system for wind turbine blades, consisting of partners from UK, Finland, Poland and Turkey.

In 2013 he submitted his PhD thesis titled Fault detection and localisation of mechanical drives based on data fusion techniques, where he explored a potential of fusing vibration and oil analyses for improved reliability of condition monitoring and diagnosis.

At the end of 2014, Gabrijel joined Termitnjak, where he took over tasks related to project management and new projects mainly from the field of web development using proved opensource Python based technologies, and processing of data and signals.