Jure Cerjak

Jure Cerjak

Senior Python Developer, Lead Software Engineer

Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Skype name: jurecerjak

Jure ("ibi" on IRC) got in touch with computers at a young age, mostly through playing games such as "Ski or die", learning arj commands to copy files to multiple floppy disks and other DOS "wizardry". He learned a lot about computers and programming during his studies on Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. During a 9-semester program a broad range of subjects were covered, including Computer architecture, Networks, Programming, Algorithms and data structures, Databases, Planning, Analysis and Design of Information systems, and more. At that time he also got in touch with Zope and Plone technologies and started working at Termitnjak. He graduated in 2010 with a diploma thesis on web application development with Zope.

In Termitnjak, he is mainly working with Plone, Kotti and other Python related technologies. Lately, he acquired a taste for Javascript and learned that it can be a fun language to work with too, even though it lacks some of the Python's simplicity.

In his work he aims to create quality solutions that meet the client needs, with sane architecture and well tested code. He values testing as an integral part of the development, using unit, integration and functional tests to ensure the quality of the solution and ease future code updates.

He also frequently attends conferences and sprints, where a group of programmers from all over the world collaborates on open source software, working towards a common goal. It's a very satisfying experience and also a chance to learn from the best and improve programming skills.

In contrast with his daily work in the digital domain, he enjoys tinkering with analog machines in his spare time, also performing at various venues and music festivals with his Scienceofuse crew.