• March 2016
  • Development, CMS Plone, E-commerce, Web app

Project Description

Archicubator is an online application that enables connection between a group of young crative architects and clients all over the world. The clients are able to upload existing floor plans, answer a comrehensive survey about their wishes, and select a package related to the floor area. After providing all the necessary information, the clients can purchase the package using Paypal Express or Creditcard checkout. The Archicubator team is notified of a new order and is able to retreive the files and provided information to be able to prepare the project.

Termitnjak used Plone 4 to develop the website and implemented Plone BDA shop to enable simple e-commerce solution. Termitnjak implemented Paypal Express and PayUnity checkouts into the Plone BDA shop as non of the provided checkouts were not appropriate. In addition, Termitnjak fully developed a responsive design with interactive portfolio gallery including before-after effect.

Live Preview
  • Client:

    Archicubator d.o.o.

  • Work type:

    Plone development with Plone BDA shop e-commerce implementation

  • Sector:

    Private business