Registry of Physiotherapists

Registry of Physiotherapists

  • March 2009
  • Consulting, Development, CMS Plone, Intranet

Project Description

The client approached Termitnjak with an idea of developing a modern solution for a Registry of Physiotherapists system. We consulted them on all aspects of the project, from hardware and server management to backups and security and of course developing the application itself.

While the registry was only used internally over local area network, it was developed on Plone, so it could easily be opened up and accessible over the internet. The registry featured a clean and simple way of searching and editing the data, with various different roles and workflows created to further ease it's use.

We also created a way to easily export the data into an encrypted CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, created both hardware and software backups and data security fallbacks and included a day of training for the client to get acquainted with the system.

  • Client:

    Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists

  • Work type:

    Plone development, deployment and consulting

  • Sector: