Student magazine Tribuna

Student magazine Tribuna

  • December 2013
  • Consulting, Development, CMS Plone

Project Description

Tribuna (eng. The Tribune) is a student magazine, which has been publishing critical and political articles since 1951. Through the decades of publishing Tribuna has been facing a constant change in editorial policy, political affiliation, genre, format, design ... Due to their rebellious attitude they've also been under pressure from the political establishment and various organisations, threatening its existence.

With their team of designers, editors and writers we have designed and implemeted a web edition of the magazine, taking an interesting and playful approach. The website enables the users to become active participants in the content creation process by creating comments and text annotations (implemented with jquery.annotator), which become first class content items that can be searched and viewed alongside the "normal" articles. Additionally, users can also customize the front page of the site. Using Diazo, we've integrated an interesting and minimal responsive design, also making sure it works on a variety of user devices, including phones and tablets.

Tribuna also features a flexible tag based system for searching the content and Plone's integrated live search for quick text-based searches. Planned updates in the future are integration with Google docs and a forking system, which will enable users to create their own versions of the articles.

Code for the project is also available on Github under an open source license.

Live Preview
  • Client:

    Student Organisation, Ljubljana

  • Work type:

    Development of a Plone portal with various collaboration and social features

  • Sector:

    Government, Education