• April 2016
  • CMS Plone, Development, DMS

Project Description

WAAMMat website is dedicated to presenting details of the EU funded research project related to Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. Termitnjak created a Document Management System with high security and complex permissions based on membership dates, and integrated a graphic theme to Plone backend.

The website is powered by the newest version of CMS Plone 5 and contains several custom content types, such as team member, project, partner, etc. It also features a blog functionality, added by termitnjak.blog add-on. The website uses two external services, namely Disqus to offer commenting functionality to Plone and Addthis to enable sharing of content on social networks.

The main feature of the website, and also one of the main reasons for using Plone 5, is the so called restricted documents area. The website includes numerous documents, such as presentations, reports, papers, and more, and enables access and download only to member institutions with a valid membership on a date defined by the restricted date field on each File content type. Plone advenced security feature is the core reason for selecting Plone and not any other CMS. The date based restriction was realised using Plone groups to represent the institutions, Plone users to represent institution employees, and local roles to define access permissions for each institutions. 

Live Preview
  • Client:

    Cranfield University

  • Work type:

    Development of a Plone 5 website with a document management system

  • Sector:

    Academic, Education