Prices & rates

Consulting and Development hourly rates



Standard developer hourly rate

60 EUR / h + VAT

Senior developer hourly rate

80 EUR / h + VAT

Priority developer hourly rate (urgent) 

120 EUR / h + VAT

Consulting hourly rate

120 EUR / h + VAT

Hourly rates are based on one (1) unit of work, which is equal to 60 minutes. The first hour is charged in full, the following hours are charged in 15 minute intervals (1/4 of the price). The standard working schedule is Monday to Friday 10am-6pm GMT+1, excluding public holidays in Slovenia ( Priority or urgent rate is considered for work outside of the standard working schedule (e.g. weekend, holidays, etc) and/or highest priority tasks.


Bulk buy of developer hours

For clients with agreements of variable-price or service-per-demand (e.g. maintenance, consulting, etc.) Termitnjak d.o.o. offers a possibility to reduce the hourly rate by an advance purchase of the developer hours. Each developer hour is considered an effective hour spend for development work. Each package contains an amount of purchased hours, the total price for the package and the reduced hourly rate. The amount of bonus depends on the package size.

Development hours


Reduced standard hourly rate

Reduced senior hourly rate

50 hours


57 EUR / h + VAT

76 EUR / h + VAT

100 hours


54 EUR / h + VAT

72 EUR / h + VAT

300 hours


51 EUR / h + VAT

68 EUR / h + VAT


The prices do not include 22% VAT. The prices may change without further notice. The full-time developer hire is done per fixed time interval defined prior to the purchase.