Migrate to Plone

If you have an existing website or an application built on any platform, which lacks important features, such as advanced access control and security, intuitive content editing etc., it is almost surely in need of improvement. Any existing solution can be migrated to the newest version of Plone, using carefully planned migration techniques and tools. Our team of developers has extensive knowledge of web CMS and experience with relocation between systems to ensure that the existing functionality, design and content will be preserved, while implementing new features if needed.

Start using the latest version of CMS Plone, with your existing graphic design, content and all other elements efficiently migrated from a static Web page (HTML) or other content management systems (CMS) into CMS Plone. Read more about our migration process.

Plone VS Joomla VS Drupal VS Wordpress

Plone is faster than many of its Open Source competitors. Here's a simple comparison of some well-known Open Source CMSs that are usually considered decent performers. The comparison is based on pages served per second. It is evident that Plone 3 was almost three times faster compared to Joomla 1.5 and more than two times faster than Drupal 7 and Wordpress 2.9. Moreover, Plone 4 beats Plone 3 with almost double speed of pages per second, being four times faster than Joomla and more than three times than Drupal and Wordpress.

Comparison between Plone and other CMS systems Source: plone.org