Plone Live DEMO

Plone 4.3 Live DEMO 

Plone 4 brings increased speed, scalability, intuitive editing, simple installation and use. The main advantages according to are:

  • Super fast. Plone 4 is about 50% faster than Plone 3 overall, with big improvements for both anonymous and logged-in users. Plone is one of the fastest open-source CMS platforms on the market.
  • Jaw dropping modern design. Plone 4 features a brand-new default theme called "Sunburst." It's sleek, minimalist, modern and easy to customize.
  • Intuitive usage and content editing. Plone 4's user interface has been polished and refined so it's even more intuitive. Plone 4 includes a new graphical HTML editor (TinyMCE), improved default configuration settings and more.
  • Easy to install + upgrade. Like previous versions of Plone, we provide point-and-click installers for Windows and Mac and a simple universal installer for Linux/Unix. You can be up and running in under 10 minutes. Plone 4 is an easy upgrade from Plone 3.

Plone DEMO available: