Termitnjak has been providing development services since 2009. During this time we have successfully realised several projects for domestic and international clients. We focus on developing quality and secure solutions using stable and proven technologies, tailored to your business requirements. CMS Plone allows us to develop solutions that offer competitive advantage, especially in multi-user environments, with more complex workflow and security requirements, while also being very easy to use. This makes it perfect for projects of all sizes: websites and portals, document management or intranet/extranet. If you need a completely custom application, we've got you covered too.

Development process

Development of a project includes several steps that are crucial for its success.

First and very important step is working with the client to gather the project requirements.

Following is the analysis phase, where we try to understand the requirements into more detail. During this phase various documents are usually created, such as user interface mockups, analysis of use cases etc., which help us communicate our understanding of the requirements with the client. This step is repeated to incorporate changes based on the feedback, until we all have a clear vision of the project.

Next is the design phase. We select the optimal tools and add-ons to fit the requirements, design the custom components to be developed (custom content types, workflows, ...), design the user interface into more detail etc.

When the technical requirements for the project are defined, follows the implementation phase. This is when the programming work is actually performed. The implementation always includes more or less extensive (based on project complexity) testing to ensure that the solution works as expected.

After the project is successfully deployed, it enters the maintenance phase, which also includes up to 90 days of warranty. Read more about our maintenance and support options.

We often work in iterative and incremental fashion with active involvement of the customer, especially when the requirements are not very clear. This allows the customer to use the solution as fast as possible and results in a better final product, which contains only the features that are valuable to the customer. And due to the optimised testing and deployment process we are able to quickly publish bug fixes and new features.

Testing and debugging 

Unit testing

Unit testing tests the inner workings of an application. Every individual unit of the custom code is tested to make sure it works correctly in an isolated environment.

Integration testing

Integration testing takes the units that were unit tested and groups them together, then applies tests to the integrated whole. This makes sure that not only does each piece work in isolation, but all pieces together create a coherent whole that does exactly what is required of it.

Functional testing

All the above tests are dealing directly with the code. Functional testing takes a more high-level approach, where the solution is tested from a user perspective.

Cross-browser testing

In order to ensure compatibility of the developed application with various target systems, cross-browser and cross-platform testing are performed, to achieve optimal performance on the majority of browsers, operating systems and devices.

Up to 90 days of the warranty period

Development is followed by the so-called warranty period, when clients have a possibility to investigate and use the developed web solution to reveal any potential bugs and inconsistencies. The warranty period is considered a part of the quality control process and includes additional testing and debugging necessary to ensure a high level of stability and reliability. After the warranty period is complete, clients can choose between flexible maintenance and support options.

During the warranty period, clients can test the application and log any issues to our issue tracking system. Termitnjak will investigate any potential problems and provide full support to resolve the issues.

Usually, the warranty is given to all custom code written during the development process and excludes bugs related to the core code of the selected platform and/or installed add-on. The warranty period can extend from 1 and up to 3 months, depending on the complexity of the web solution.

  • Termitnjak provides warranty for the integration and customised code, commencing from the date of delivery of the project.
  • Termitnjak will take responsibility, investigate logged issues and bugs, and provide full support for the code identified to be part of Termitnjak’s integration and customised code.
  • If Termitnjak identifies that the issue is related to platform's core code, third party plug-ins or any other dependencies, Termitnjak will search for an existing community solution and implement the patch. If no such community solution is available, Termitnjak can develop a solution per client’s request. Bug fixing is charged at the development rate.