Migration and upgrade

Existing websites can be upgraded to a newer version or migrated to a different platform altogether. Our developers offer extensive knowledge of web content management systems and experience with migration between systems, while ensuring the desired functionality, design and content.

If your site is using an older version of Plone or Pyramid/Kotti, it may be considered obsolete or not fully secure and lacking support for all browsers and mobile devices.

Start using the latest version of CMS Plone and benefit from its superior features. Read more about Plone upgrade and Plone migration.

The migration process

When performing a migration, we strongly focus on a proper implementation of the existing functionality, to ensure full completeness of the new system. First, we carry out a review of the existing system, then we start with the analysis of different functionalities that will be needed for your new site. Based on the information gathered we focus on:

User Interface and design

The migration process has to ensure that your existing system is transformed into the target system (Plone or Pyramid/Kotti), with graphic design and all the functionalities of the user interface preserved. Taking advantage of the migration process, the customer also has an opportunity to update the graphic design of the website, to make it more modern, mobile-ready etc..

List of functionalities and workflow

A comparison of functionalities and components of your current solution and identification of appropriate components offered by the target system is the next task. This process includes the detection and removal of unused and unnecessary features, but also deals with any adjustments or additional features that are necessary for a successful migration. New features can be easily added using a wide range of available open source add-ons, or developed per request if a suitable add-on is not available yet.

Content Migration

Content is usually exported and then imported into the new site using automated migration steps. To determine the right balance between process automation and manual intervention, the current structure of your content, available resources and budget are always taken into account. We also take care of SEO and make sure that search engine rankings are not affected by the migration, by creating redirects from old URLs to new ones.

Quality assurance

After the site is migrated we need to ensure that everything works correctly, that all the required functionalities are present and all content has been properly migrated. This is achieved using automated tests and manual testing in active cooperation with your staff.