Maintenance and Support

Extensive testing and debugging are performed during the development phase in order to ensure the highest quality of the product. Following the deployment of a project the clients have time to examine the developed solution during the warranty period, during which any potential problem is resolved. After the warranty phase expires the clients can establish continuous or per-demand maintenance and support activities to maintain performance, security and normal operation of the site.

Regular or on-demand maintenance 

Generally we offer two distinct approaches to maintenance - regular maintenance and on-demand maintenance.

Regular maintenance includes regular checks of log files and monitoring server and project performance using Munin and other tools. It also includes installing critical security and bug fixes, logging issues and fixing bugs related to our integration code.

With On-demand maintenance monitoring of the project is performed by the client, who is also in charge of logging issues into our issue tracking system for further analysis. Depending on the agreement with the client, we can start resolving issues immediatelly or first provide an estimate of the work required to fix the issue and proceed after confirmation.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a tailored maintenance package for your project.

Maintenance and support activities

The following tasks are commonly included as a part of maintenance and support activities.


For ensuring normal operation of a website or application, regular analysis of error reports and log files is crucial, to detect any potential issues with the system.

Resolving bugs

Each developed application must undergo extensive testing procedure. Despite thorough testing, it is difficult to provide a very complex software component that is 100% perfect and without issues, as some errors only occur during operation of the system and must be eliminated in real time.

Installing Updates and Upgrades

For the application and its add-ons, fixes and improvements are regularly available. They provide important bug fixes, improved performance, additional functionality and more. In many cases the upgrades are trivial, but sometimes they take more work, especially if any of the custom project code is dependant on the add-on being upgraded.

Installing Security fixes

In addition to updates and upgrades, the community sometimes releases security fixes. Security fixes do not add any extra functionality, but are crucial to prevent any intrusion or malpractice. Security advisories for Plone with a RSS feed are available on the Plone website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Technologies that we use have been designed from the ground up to allow high ranking on search engines and also encourage good SEO practices. Of course good titles, descriptions and text still hold a big influence on your search engine ranking. We can analyse your site for any problems or abnormalities, which can then be properly addressed.

Performance optimization

The default performance of installed systems is sufficient in a lot of cases, but if you have additional needs for your website or web application, the speed is increased by the use of additional server resources and technologies such as advanced caching and load balancing. The tools and frameworks we use are created to scale horizontally and/or vertically.

Adding and editing content

The main advantage of content management systems is to allow simple adding and editing of content so you can do the majority of content work in-house. In case you need assistance with content editing or would prefer us to manage the content for you, we are happy to help.

Content editing courses

Termitnjak is in the process of preparing basic and intermediate content editing courses. Stay in touch. 

Responsive customer support

In case of difficulties with administration, content management or any other issue, you can contact us by email, Skype, phone or other means.