Intranet/Extranet and Collaboration Tools

Using an Intranet solution can bring many benefits to your company, including improved data organisation and communication within the organisation, increased productivity and reduced costs.

The technologies we use are designed to be simple to use and can handle many users at the same time.

Plone provides an intuitive interface for managing content and flexible access control and workflows for easy content sharing. It can be completely customised to fit your requirements and offers integration with various external systems.

Plone can be used as an effective Intranet/Extranet solution out of the box:

  • Intuitive user interface for adding and editing content
  • Robust security with granular permissions, allowing you to precisely control which users or groups have access to certain information
  • Content versioning for managing content life cycle
  • Advanced search engine with the ability to search through the uploaded files
  • Flexible workflows

Additionaly, there are many add-ons available that offer Single sign-on (SSO) functionality, integration with external systems such as Active Directory, LDAP and SQL databases, social activity streams, visual tools for building custom workflows, advanced calendaring and much more.

Since each business has specific workflows and requirements, we can help you build a bespoke solution to fit your needs and extend the functionality offered by default. As an example, we have developed an intranet solution on top of Plone that provides advanced workspaces functionality with custom roles, workflows and intuitive document repositories. It also integrates advanced calendaring and collaborative features such as social feeds and forums.

Recently, a company Cosent with a group of partner companies and developers started working on a project which aims to improve Plone's ability to be used as an Intranet with more engaging social features and a sleek modern UI. The project plone.intranet will be released as an Open-Source Plone add-on, offering highly sophisticated tools for collaborative content and document management.