Web Applications

Common examples of web applications include webmail (Gmail), online auctions (Ebay), wikis (Wikipedia), collaboration tools (Google Docs), video streaming services (Netflix) and many more.  

We offer development of bespoke applications to fit your organisation needs. When developing web applications, we use Open Source tools called web application frameworks that enable us to develop the applications quickly with fewer errors, because we can focus on the parts of the application which are unique to the project without having to worry about common components such as user management, content management, etc. 

We have worked with many frameworks through the years and are now mostly focused on Python-based and very flexible Pyramid and Kotti. They enable us to develop applications that are fast, secure, offer flexible access control and workflows, and can scale as your business grows.

Check out our past experience with web applications in our portfolio.

To ensure quality of the developed appplication and compatibility with the majority of browsers, operating systems and mobile devices, we perform extensive unit, integration and cross-browser testing. Read more about our development process.