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We develop quality web solutions, using proven technologies. See some of our work. Specialists in Open Source and Python based platforms - Plone, Pyramid, Kotti and more.

Termitnjak Services & Solutions

Plone Development

Plone is highly scalable and therefore appropriate for development of any kind of web solution, such as an Intranet, Document Management System, Event Planning Solution, Journal management, etc.

Python Consulting

Our Plone, Pyramid and Python consulting services can be beneficial to individuals and enterprises searching to improve their existing knowledge, plan and develop business solutions.

Bespoke Web Apps

There are several Open Source frameworks generally available to the public, and through years of experience our preferred development frameworks became Python based Pyramid and Kotti.

Maintenance & Support

After the warranty phase expires, clients can establish continuous or per-demand maintenance and support activities, which are often required to maintain sufficient site performance, install upgrades and updates, add-ons, etc.

Plone Migration & Upgrades

Any existing solution can be migrated to the newest version of Plone, using carefully planned migration techniques and tools. Any older version of a Plone site can become obsolete especially when it is not fully supportive of the available browsers, mobile devices and platforms.

Open Source Technologies

Open Source software can greatly benefit your organization by decreasing expenses while delivering reliable, secure and flexible platform. It is released publically together with its source code, which enables users to customize the default functionality.