Zidanca Sprint 2013

Zidanca Sprint 2013

Zidanca sprint 2013 Yoga

Two years have passed since the first well received Zidanca sprint and we thought it was time for a sequel. Instead of working on Plone like last time, we were focusing our efforts on Kotti and NixOS

We were again located in the beautiful south-east wine region of Slovenia and we are sure the calming nature, sauna, a natural pool and of course great wine and food all helped in making this sprint a success.


We focused on various smaller fixes and tweaks while setting up the grounds for some of the bigger features and changes.

Daniel Nouri, the creator of Kotti already wrote a blog post about this, so we are only putting a short overview here

Five main things were worked on:

  • Kotti's WYSIWYG editor was upgraded to TinyMCE version 4.0.2, bringing a much nicer looking user interface which fits into the overall Kotti style much nicer and scales down to smaller displays
  • We added tabbed forms support to deform_bootstrap, so each nested (Mapping) Schema will be rendered inside it's own tab
  • Andreas <disko> started kotti_multilingual earlier in 2013. We had a round of discussion with the various sprinters and managed to get a working prototype of a plugin that will support content translations.
  • A basic prototype for versioning history support was created
  • Since the tutorial finished up rather abruptly, we finished it up and added additional information to it
  • Various smaller fixes and enhancements to the documentation was made

All in all it was a very productive sprint!


The NixOS team focused mainly on improving documentation and wiki, fixing existing bugs and general tweaking of Python on Nix.

Dr. Eelco Dolstra also held a NixOS presentation for all sprint attendees.

Zidanca NixOS Presentation


A big thank you to all the participants, it would not be possible without all of you. An extra big thank you goes to Andraž Brodnik <brodul> who, to the great delight of everyone that was there, took over the kitchen and made sure everyone was well fed.

Waiting for the talks to begin

  • Alojzij Blatnik <Predkambrij>
  • Andraž Brodnik <brodul>
  • Cillian de Róiste <goibhniu>
  • Daniel Nouri <dnouri>
  • Domen Kožar <iElectric>
  • Eelco Dolstra <niksnut>
  • Florian Friesdorf <chaoflow>
  • Jaka Hudoklin <offline>
  • Janž Verbančič
  • Joachim Schiele <qknight>
  • Jonas Hörsch <coroa>
  • Jure Cerjak <ibi>
  • Luka Kikic <kikic>
  • Martin Žibert <peks>
  • Matej Cotman <matejc>
  • Natan Žabkar <nightmarebadger>
  • Rob Vermaas <rbvermaa>
  • Rok Garbas <garbas>
  • Tadej Justin <usatko>
  • Urban Škudnik <neo>
  • Vanč Levstik <ferewuz>


We sincerely thank all the sponsors who made sure that the sprint was free of charge for all participants!

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